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Parents and Students,
My name is Mandee Davis and I am proud to be the counselor here at SHMS. I have been a counselor for the past 16 years. My mission is to help all of our students be more successful than they ever dreamed possible. Students will be celebrated, respected, and supported; thereby, enabling them to reach their full educational and personal, social potential.
Here at SHMS, I provide individual counseling, small group activities, large group activities, and classroom guidance opportunities. I also team up with community experts to help provide both student and adult learning opportunities. Look for information about these events on our sign, our website, and local news outlets
The SHMS counselor’s office is at your service. If not an emergency, parents and students are encouraged to contact me to set up an appointment at least one day in advance to allow for planning. Call me at 706-778-7121 or email at [email protected].
In an effort to help increase student academic success, scheduling of student counseling services are encouraged before school, after school, and during lunch periods. If this is not possible, the student must make arrangements with their teacher to miss class time.
Being a middle school student can be a difficult balancing act. It is easy to get weighed down with the new pressures of more difficult academics, tougher parental expectations, a budding social life, and learning to make more of their own choices. If personal problems are then layered on top of these pressures, students can feel overwhelmed and lose their balance.
This is where parents and educators must carefully continue to both challenge and support them. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of service.